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At Youprint, we do not expect customers and clients to just take our word that we are the best in what we do. Hence, take a look at our portfolio of projects that we have completed in the past and see for yourself the kind of top quality that we have managed to produce for our various satisfied clients. Whether you are a large Multi-National Corporation (MNC) or a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), we are capable, and more than happy, of providing our services to you for whatever the purpose. Some of our more popular services are listed as follows.

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Backdrop Installation

Corporate events and industry exhibitions are becoming a more and more common sight in Singapore. For clients that are attending or setting up booths at these events or exhibitions, Youprint provides high resolution backdrop printing and installation services.

The design team will undergo thorough research and constant communication with the client to understand their core businesses and services to more ably design the booth and backdrop prints. Once the designs have been approved, the print team will then print the designs according to the client’s booth measurements. Thereafter, our installation team will integrate the backdrop print seamlessly onto your booth.

Banner Printing

A banner is commonly referred to as a flag or decorative piece of cloth of some sort with textual and graphical elements embedded for the purposes of communication. Banners are commonly seen as decorative features on the buildings of corporate headquarters and offices as well as at significant celebrations such as at birthday celebrations or school graduation parties.

At Youprint, we have both design and print teams for customers who need cheap banner design and/or printing in Singapore.

Glass and Die Cut Decal Printing

A decal, or a vinyl sticker, normally refers to a piece of plastic or paper with a printed pattern or image on it that can be transferred from one surface to another, usually through heat or water. Glass decals also make for excellent corporate gifts and are a common sight in Public Relations and Media kits given out to press and journalists covering an event.

We provide a range of sticker printers for glass as well as other surfaces.We provide flexible options, whether you like to print them in reverse and stick them to the interiors, or apply them directly to the glass surface. You can also select from a range of different finishes to stick on different surfaces. We also stock a range of hues for you to choose from. Die cut stickers are single-colour stickers cut out of solid colour vinyl, and do not show any background upon application. Once they are applied, they give a neat and clean look to your company logo.They are also alternativelyknown as Computer-cut stickers or kiss cut stickers, as they’re composed through the cutting of vinyl.

Die cut stickers are called so because the computer reads through the file made on it and later physically cuts through a solid coloured roll of vinyl with a small blade. Digitally-made die cut stickers are an excellent choice for company logos which exhibit coloured images like landscapes and objects.They are composed of durable vinyl and printed in vibrant colours, which ensures that they are prominently noticeable and will get your message across, and also stick seamlessly to any smooth surface.

Exhibition and Installation

Youprint offers a one-stop design consultancy, project management, turnkey solutions for exhibition setup and booths construction. Our innovative designs & concepts, coupled with our innovative approach & solution, help our clients to communicate their brands, products & services clearly to their target audience.

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